We are TechAvenue Sdn. Bhd. (TechAvenue). At TechAvenue, we give you a wide choice of basic Information Technology solutions and tools to complement your existing business procedures. Fully understanding the needs to survive in the market, it is important that we give you the right directions to remain ultra-competitive in your respective industries. When we talk about the right directions, it is our commitment to meet your business needs. In other words, it is important that we have customised 'technology avenues' to fulfil your needs.

Our vision is to see corporate players equip themselves with the right tools when facing new business challenges, most especially during this period of economic uncertainty. We pride ourselves as a pool of e-businessmen with the right knowledge, skills and experience to provide international standard Information Technology (IT) consulting services to steer the local market towards the new economy and a seemingly borderless world.

Why TechAvenue? At TechAvenue, we are an edge above the others because we design and customise a solution / tool for you. We also emphasize that apart from customising it to your needs, we make sure that this solution is both practical and affordable for your organisation.
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